Private Lessons

There are many benefits to private or semi-private lessons (a closed session for 2 or more people) that can be of transformative help to your fitness or martial arts training. Every session is tailor-made just for you. Private lessons are a perfect fit for those who:

• Have a limited schedule that doesn’t allow for consistent attendance with our regularly scheduled classes
• Want to improve their overall fitness and/or cardio
• Have physical or other limitations that would otherwise prohibit one from working with others in a group setting
• Have an interest in getting more comfortable with overall fitness and martial arts concepts before joining group classes
• Feel that a particular part of one’s training is not adequate and needs additional guidance
• Simply want or need privacy for reason. All training is kept strictly confidential

The personal gains in fitness and martial arts from a single session can be compared to weeks worth of group training. Since it is based on having 100% focus on you, combined with the experience of our team, we will help you grow in your training effectively and efficiently.

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