Kickboxing 101

Kickboxing 101 (KB 101) is a fantastic way to start your introduction at the beginner’s level of martial arts and obtain a comprehensive total body workout at Leading Edge.

We focus and reinforce the fundamentals such as footwork, positioning, basic punches and basic kicks in every hour-long class. This is strictly a “pad” class where you will be taught to hit properly and with authority while drastically learning how to minimize risks from injuries. As the hour progresses, you’ll be encouraged to begin implementing both moving with the proper footwork and hitting with one another with safety and precision.

As individual students develop their skills, rudimentary defenses will also be introduced. The eventual goal for students participating in KB 101 is to be able to mix in these defenses as they move and hit, all in a simultaneous fashion.

While everyone is different, after a period of time, we are confident that you will feel comfortable enough with your new skills to begin the Muay Thai Kickboxing class in addition to, or instead of, the KB 101 class. However, that being said, even our more advanced students attend the KB101 class from time to time to help reinforce the basics.